20 foot inline backwall exhibits include the full range of options - portable, modular, customizable. All come with warranties, fast production, and design help available. Models available to rent display this sign:

Formulate 20' Masters
Vector Frame Light Box
Aluminum tube frame
Pillowcase tension fabric
Counter, monitor mount
&header options
Single or double sided
Straight or curved
Includes wheeled case

Vector 20' Masters
Vector Frame Light Box
$3,892 - $4,633
Push-fit SEG graphic panels
Aluminum extrusion
Some reconfigurable 10'-20'
Some with illuminated backwalls,
counters, monitor mounts, LED lights.
Includes wheeled cases.

Hybrid Pro 20' Modular
Vector Frame Light Box
$6,278 - $8,707
Push-fit SEG stretch graphics
Aluminum extrusion
Reconfigurable 10' to 20'.
Lockable counter space, tables,
monitor mounts, LED lighting.
Includes wheeled cases.