A great trade show exhibit requires more than just a beautiful custom display.

You might also need accessories -- from display lighting to cases, reception counters and charging stations, iPad stands and Monitor kiosks. And to keep from getting too weary on those long exhibit hall days - director chairs made with American hardwood in the USA.

Director Chairs
Director Chairs

$67 - $118
Custom-made in USA
American hardwoods
Built to last
3 styles, 3 heights
3 imprint methods


$325 - $2000+
Collapsible to lockable
Fabric or sintra panels
Multiple color options
Cases included

iPad Stands & Kiosks
Ipad Stands & Kiosks
$175 - $1645
iPad tablet holders
Plain or custom covers
Made in USA
Lifetime warranty

Monitor Kiosks
Monitor Kiosks
$1145 - $3060
Variety of styles/looks
Monitor with or w/o iPad
Fabric or sintra covers
Some with lockable counters
Lifetime warranty

Charging Stations
Charging Sations
$1790 - $4500
Stretch fabric counters
8 to 16 charging tips
Custom graphic panels
Made in USA
Lifetime warranty

Display Lighting
Display Lighting

$50 - $210
Wide range of options
LED and Halogen lights
Spots, floods, accents
Exhibit, display, banner stand
Cases available

Shipping Cases
and Crates

Shipping Cases & Crates
$140 - $1060
Handheld case to freight crate
Most hard molded & wheeled
Wide variety to meet all needs
Most UPS/FedEx-able